Strength and Stability

Concrete Floats

Concrete floats are not new to marine floatation but are ever gaining in popularity amongst people searching for a sustainable and durable support structure for their floating homes and surrounding infrastructure. Concrete’s strength and stability make it a preferred building material for the marine environment.

Partnering with International Marine Floatation Systems, Even Construction is able to offer concrete floats that are custom designed and engineered specifically for each structure they will support.

Advantages of our Concrete Floats

  • Stability

    Foundations are extremely stable. Depending on size, weight can range from 150 to 250 tons.

  • Tailored Engineering

    All floats are engineered specifically for the home that will be built on them.

  • Level & Buoyant

    Your concrete float will never need leveling nor will it lose buoyancy, like log floats. Snow loads will never be a worry again.

  • Maintenance Free

    These platforms will out live the homes that are built on them.

  • Customized Concrete

    Colored, stamped, polished or non-skid brushed. All are offered with our concrete platforms.

  • Infloor Heating & Insulation

    Our concrete platforms are encapsulated in large blocks of foam and steel, creating a well-insulated floor. Additional modern heating options, such as radiant Infloor heat, are a perfect fit on those cold winter mornings.

  • Varmint Free

    Beaver, nutria and otters love to find homes in log and other floating platforms. Our concrete keeps them out.

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